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Key Control

The purpose of a Key Control Program is to ensure appropriate control of keys in order to secure your property and assets from theft or damage while maximizing the safety of members of the staff. It is an essential element of your facilities overall Access Control program.

Key Duplication

Keys should be issued to occupants and users of your facilities. Key duplication can be done on non-high security keyways and keys that are not restricted. Even a key that has ‘Do Not Duplicate’ on its head can likely be duplicated without the owners knowledge. Your building can have door locks that take a key on areas including offices, laboratories, storage, warehouse area and other interior areas of buildings. These keys must be controlled and may not be duplicated. Keys are issued only to those persons who require access to space as part of their responsibilities.

High Security Key Control

High security keys provides facilities with keys that have more security, which include resistance to lock picking. Each key duplicate is controlled and they can only be made by authorized security technicians. Eastern Safe & Lock is factory trained and authorized to distribute hardware and keys for many manufactures such as Medeco, ASSA, Mul-T-Lock, Schlage Primus, Schlage Everest, Kaba Peaks, and Best.

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